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Brenda Weissenberg
Clerk to the Comptroller
Desiree Salvagni
Phone: 315-695-2778
Fax:      315-695-3231
69 County Route 57A
Phoenix, NY 13135
2023 Budget Workshop dates are provided in the attachment below.  


The Comptroller's Office provides an abundance of services that support the Town's financial and business operations. Some items that processed by the Comptroller are:
  • Audit payments to vendors for accuracy, compliance with procurement policy, and to ensure amounts are within budgetary limits.
  • Process payroll for all Town employees and related payroll taxes, including tax filing and reporting.
  • Administer employee benefit plans and personnel plans.
  • Process monthly financial reports to represent the financial condition of the Town.
  • Maintain all accounting records, including fixed assets.
  • Prepare and submit the Annual Financial Report (AUD) to the New York State Comptroller's Office.
  • Manage and invest Town funds to achieve maximum rates of return while ensuring the safety of the principal.
  • The Comptroller acts as the Budget Officer and prepares the Annual Budget.
  • Audit of departments accounting activity
A LOCKBOX is located in the hallway for payments.  Cash not recommended. to be left in the lockbox.