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Dog Control Officer

Dog Control Officer:
Butch Hankey
Asst. Dog Control Officer:
Eileen Hankey
Phone & Emergency Number:
Phone: 315-695-4555 Kennel (voice mail)
Emergency Phone Number: 315-317-3010 (call this number for dog interest and make an appointment for meet and greet)
69 County Route 57A
Phoenix, NY 13135
We are grateful to everyone for passing information about our dogs -- and especially to those pet parents for adopting them!    We will post dogs as soon as they come in -- to get them home or to a new FOREVER home.   Call Butch to make an appointment to meet them!   315-317-3010

See link below for Oswego County Clinics.   

Please Spay/Neuter your Pets.  Assistance with costs may be found at the following places (see links below; prices vary):
  • SPCA offers a clinic
  • Oswego County has a Spay/Neuter program  
  • Spay and Neuter Syracuse 
  • Friends of Animals
  • Animal Alliance of Greater Syracuse
The Dog Control Officer (DCO) is responsible for local enforcement of NYS Agricultural and Markets Law - Article 7 and The Town of Schroeppel Dog Control Code. The Town of Schroeppel DCO will respond within 24 hours to reports of dogs running loose at large, dangerous dogs and dog bites.

When a dog is seized or impounded due to the above violations, the DCO will notify the owner and file a "Dog Seizure and Disposition" report with Town Clerk's Office. The owner must show proof of valid dog license and up-to-date rabies vaccination upon release of the dog, along with payment of the dog's impoundment/housing fees (cash or check).



All payments (cash or check) can be made at the Town of Schroeppel Town Clerk's Office, 69 County Route 57A, Phoenix, NY 13135.

Our Town Pups

Remember...when you license or renew your dog's license in the Town of Schroeppel, bring their photo for our photo board in the building.